late new year

It feels like it’s been forever since the last time I write to you guys, though I might have been cheating on my blog, but my heart remains here with words. Apology for those who come to visit my blog and find nothing much here anymore, let this be a reminder, a reminder so that I can write more and share more things to you guys!

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 it is now, and how time flies, it’s not the second half of the month! I remembered spending my Christmas and New Year in London and Scotland, together with my family, where for the first time after these years, we were traveling together again! It felt magical and you don’t know how I was so happy to be in that trip. A lot of you must’ve asked me about my resolution and all, but for me, I’ve never really had one before, since I know most of resolutions come un-granted in a blink of an eye. But what I know is that I have learned from the past, learned from my mistakes and just try to be better, tougher, bigger with less flaws. I ain’t perfect, but I can do my best to drive closer into perfection~

In 2018, what I wish I could achieve:

  1. Bigger Patience
  2. More stable career both in Blogging and Youtube
  3. Smaller circle for better Value in friendship
  4. Love for my bf that grows each and everyday

In 2018, I turn 26. A number that people might find concerning, but lucky for me, my family is very supportive, although they leave a big hint about me getting married asap. I am happy to be born in my family and that is it! No one can replace every member of my family, no one can make it better~ In this year, let’s love more, forget hate!


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