me against the sun

Sunny Day, oh Sunny day. The day where you feel happy and make you want to go outside and enjoy the warm sun. Feeling the heat tickling your skin and the light brightens your day, but here comes the other side, as you and I are driven by our urge to take beautiful OOTD, we often do take our pictures on the street or rooftops, any place with natural sun light which gives you the best quality in comparison to elsewhere.

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Just like any beach holiday pictures, your skin will be exposed to the sun and you actually need a very good skin protection at outdoor areas. Don’t let the fun ends with pain as your skin suffers from sunburn and all the UV ray (sinar uv).

Because, long time ago, I was young and reckless, I care not much about my skin and the UV light (sinar uv) from the bright sun. Having myself sun showered the whole day, when I got back from the holiday, I found my skin very red and it hurt so bad, not long after it started to peel and the worst part were taking shower and sleeping on the bed, I literally had to not move an inch and use cold water to shower.

But now, I fear no more and I know that I’m so BERANI MATAHARI thanks to L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect Aqua City UV Mist! Now I’m ready to do more outdoor OOTDs and always BERANI. For more of L’Oreal products klik here.

I’m not the type of person who likes to get complicated while getting ready, but after that one time I tried the mist, my mindset changed! Why? Not only it’s very easy to use (you literally just have to spray it on and it’s very compact to be brought anywhere) while you’re travelling or hanging out, it’s not sticky at all and it contains SPF 50 that would really help you to protect your skin from UV light exposure (paparan sinar UV)!

Well, you can actually learn more about the sun and how to protect your skin, or read more stories on or share your story to the world in here and have the chance to win lots of amazing prizes from L’Oréal for the best story!

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