Michimermaid Journey

Well at times, we often are faced with surprises, like those time when we are feeling low and down but, suddenly a stranger would help you pick up the pieces you drop and help you get back on track?
Well for me, having new people around is exciting, there we got to find and discover new characters we haven’t met before, and that’s how you can be socially better in real life. The more people you know, the more traits you know, the easier it is to hang out with the one who are actually compatible with you, and you also learn how to deal with some personalities, because believe me, there would be tons of people out there those are actually could get along with you, but you just don’t take the chance to actually trying to get to know them.
Taken by the surprise, after quite sometime of unappreciated approach, I’m now swarmed with good stuffs! Yes, by all means, the good stuffs! No one would ever understand what I’m rambling right now, but some people may take the hint already. Thanks for hurting me badly though, I learned.
Oh oh oh! Let me finish this post with one awesome photo session with @Nicolauwis at Mount Salak! He discovered this amazing small waterfalls called Curug Kondang! It took us around 1.5 hours from Bogor city to here, blame the traffic we had! But oh my God! The place is magical, majestic and it makes you feel happy right away!


And for you who didn’t know before, when I was a little girl, whenever someone asks me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, my answer would always be “A Mermaid”.
When people laughed and asked me why, I would answer, “Because I think it’s better to live under the ocean with the fish, they don’t make much noise and never fight”.
Now, to connect the dots, I would love to thank Mermaid Inc for now I can be a mermaid myself! Their mermaid tail is just so pretty I would love to swim in it all day long! Although it’s impossible, but at least I’m one step closer into getting to be a mermaid.
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