mr black is in love with ms laces

Sorry for my long lost absence. I know it was hideous to just left my comfort zone in blogging, but here I am. Back with innocence and filthy mind. nothing much i should say, because nothing much i could express. how hectic my life has been, how stressful and annoying the problems hover above me. but here I am, kneeling upon you God, for Your salvation and forgiveness. forgive me, the filthy slave of Yours. let me join You up there in Heaven someday.

Credits to Raymond Lie for his kindness, he took all the photos! It’s friggin winter and I’m wearing tank top and legging for the shoot. hell yea the wind was crazy.

Jacket – Forever New, Tank top – Zara, Necklace – Bardot, Heels – Charles and Keith, Legging – Zara, Lace Vest – Sportsgirl, Rings – Dotti and Sportsgirl

There’s one funny story about this lace vest. when i looked for it at Sportsgirl, i thought it was AUD 29.95, so i picked that one straight forward, thinking it was so CHEAP and it’s sportsgirl’s vest. Then i went to the counter to pay my vest, ended up it was AUD 129.95. LOL i could do nothing but paid for it.

Zipper Flats – Dotti

my advice : Check every price tag carefully, or else you’ll end up like me, buying over priced things.

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