To be honest, we are all human beings with all the needs. Day by day we are destined to fulfill our cravings and satisfaction, whether we like it or not, we end up doing it anyways. Convenience is one of the key to having easy and good life, but then again, it’s not the easiest thing to achieve. One of the easiest example is when we need to shop for anything we need, actually in Indonesia, it is quite hard to do online shopping for everyone. I can say, we are the one of the few countries in the world who provides COD / Cash on Delivery payment, in which is very inconvenient.
Sasyachi, Stella Lee and Jean Milka were there too!
We know that not everyone can have a credit card, or maybe they just simply choose not to have one. Therefore, shopping online seems very hard to do and troublesome. That is was I was so honored to be invited to one of the great events by CIMB Niaga! Basically, this super growing Bank Institute has just launched one amazing featured called Octopay.
GOODS DINER as the venue
So what’s Octopay? 
Octopay is the first banking feature in Indonesia through Facebook, Octopay gives you all you need to do the transaction without even having to leave the Facebook page. It’s actually a virtual credit card that lasts for 24 hours with IDR10mio limit!

It’s very amazing to know that Indonesia is actually the 4th largest country with biggest users! So, welcome to the next level or online banking! Besides shopping, don’t forget that you can recharge your phone or PLN credit, transfer money, check your balance, see the bank statement, and pay your bills too!
So this VCC can be used multiple times in 24 hours, and just like any other debit Mastercard, your balance will be deducted right at the moment your  VCC is used.
How to get it?
Basically it’s very simple, but you have to have a CIMB’s account beforehand, having your ATM card to register through CIMB Facebook fanpage and give your phone number that is registered under your CIF. All the process is crystal clear and very easy to be done, so don’t

And one more exciting news people, there’s this one promo called CRAZY DEALS from OctoPay, basically you can get up to 50% discount on your purchase simply by using OctoPay as your method of payment!
There are 9 different stores those you can choose from:
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