plush love

here i am. still waiting for you to send me message.
here i am. still wanting you to be by my side.
here i am. still longing for your hug and kiss.
here i am. me. myself only. the one that can take your heart up above and drop it like it’s hot to the ground like it meant nothing. but.
here i am. the one that will not do that to you cause you’re my only one for me.

you don’t do nothing much to impress me, that makes me love you the way you are.
you don’t do nothing much to brag yourself, because i know you’re special
you don’t do nothing much to praise me, you only say, you look pretty today.
all the simplicity brings my heart into the love jolt! saying i can’t let you go and please don’t leave.

me. here. love. you. forever.

Blazer – Zara, White t-shirt – Zara, Tights – rubi, Boots – Wittner, Scarf – Clemente Talarico, Denim Shorts – Supre, Rings – Diva and Dotti

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