Queens Tandoor

And so a couple of weeks ago I went to Queen’s Tandoor in Central Jakarta, thanks to makanluar.com for the invitation and the restaurant for the kindest hospitality! Basically Queens Tandoor was established over 20 years ago and served Chinese food at the first place, though the owner is Indian! But time after time, they do serve Indian food and by far it’s one of my fave ever! OMG!
Starting our Indian dinner date with this called street snack in India, called CHAT! And they are all served ice cold! The texture of the shell is like magic! It’s super thin but crispy with great explosion from the filling!
And Yes, these are all the dishes served that night and all of them are so good!!!!!! Thumbs up for everything! some of my faves are the PRAWN, BUTTER CHICKEN, YELLOW DAL AND PANEER MASALA! They will soon launched Lamb Chop with Jack Daniel sauce too! omg omg! can’t wait to come back!
 Now they have 4 branches in Bali and 2 in Jakarta! So why wait?
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