Again, it’s been awhile since this page published any story, any words or pictures. I have been consumed mentally and physically by something random and I don’t know what it happened. I miss me, the one who loves to write anything, anytime, anywhere about everything. That spark inside me is calling me out, trying to make me come back to where I belong, the blogging world.

 I remember glimpses of me sitting down on my bed, typing in barbaric attitude, meaning? I write like a soldier who fights for their country and won’t stop until victory is help upon them!

A while ago, I came back from exhilarating trip with the girls to Pulo Cinta, Gorontalo. The place was magical and breath-taking, the sound of the sea is like a siren to me, keeping me coming back to those memories I will always cherish. Shout out to LOVE and FLAIR team who collaborates together with TRAVELIO ID so we can make this trip happened in the first place, for you guys who are thrilled to visit Pulo Cinta, go check TRAVELIO ID out, since they are exclusive with TRAVELIO ID.

Anyways, there I was, 2813km away from home, in the middle of the ocean with 12 other amazing human beings! I am not going to tell you in details about the beautiful trip, but one thing for sure, those 4 days gave me something more than money can buy. I learned a lot about myself, spent time with amazing people with light-hearts. Many of you might not know, but being an influencer –the way you call us– is never easy. What we show you through our social media platforms are the the ones we want you to see from us, there’s no ugly truth, just ravishing pictures and exquisites video footages, meanwhile, behind those cameras, we are always struggling, struggling to maintain our existence in this industry.

Little did you know that the Social Media Industry is currently building up, developing fast into something bigger, everyone grows to be better and most of us just can’t lose track or we will be left behind. And it is not real friends we are talking about, those who climbed further won’t really bother to look down and help us get through obstacles we are facing, because maybe deep down in their heart, they suggest that we can slow them down to the top of their success.

Not to whine, but it’s the truth. I miss those times when we do what we do not for fame nor money, but it was pure passion that flows inside our mind and soul. And i think I was right, having simple life would actually bring you a lot of happiness.

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