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As an active woman, I tend to rush things and be clumsy in everything I Do, and that’s one of the reasons why I have so many scars on my skin! Confused much? Don’t be, let me take you through one of my many Scar journeys.

There was one time when I cut myself with a knife, or when I knocked myself into sharp table edge or when I scratched myself too hard because of mosquito bites and it left me marks, believe me, I have so many more scar stories I want to share to you!

But oh well, let’s stop with the sad part and move on to the brighter talk. A friend of mine suggested me a while ago to use this scar treatment product, and it’s called LADERMA!

I was a bit sceptical back then, because I thought lotion or “just let it be” would end up amazing anyways, but for some scars, they remain. Those spots or strike of scars kind of “staining” my body, because no matter how good or perfect your skin is, when you have some scars on it, it won’t look as good as scar-free skin!

Let me tell you how SCAR is actually done. As the human’s biggest body organ, skin is actually very fragile and soft. When the dermis or epidermis layer is damaged, a new skin layer will grow under the damaged area. That are will remain as visible scar when the new layer is complete.

What LADERMA actually do is that LADERMA works well with scar, the use of LADERMA could make your scar less or not visible after treatment. Scars like scratches, skin burn, acne scar, post-surgery scar, chicken pox are quite common among us.

LADERMA is formulated by Scar Treatment Specialist in Europe to help fading scar out with its natural ingredients. Laderma’s unique formula is proven for burns at Germany Hospitals and Clinics. Laderma is best used for scratches, burns, acne scars, post-surgery scar, even chronic scars! Its second best thing is the natural ingredients those are proven effectively fade scars out like Aruba Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin C and E with high anti-oxidant.

There I bought my LADERMA for the first time at a drug store for IDR95k (8ml) when I had a scratch on my arm. The result is amazing though! Been using it for a couple of weeks, three times a day and my scar starts to fade! A small amount on my finger is enough for my scar.

Of course I use this product after some researches, because it’s my skin we are talking about, so I can’t just recklessly buy some random thing to heal my scar.

I found that Laderma fades scars within 3 Steps:

  1. LADERMA moisturizes your skin. You can actually feel it right after you apply Laderma Cream on your skin
  2. LADERMA protects your skin from irritation, itchiness and prevents keloid.
  3. LADERMA fix your skin tissue and fades your scar.

Anyways, Now I feel so much more confident to show off some skin! Thanks to LADERMA, for more information you are more than welcome to check their website : or check out their facebook and Instagram account Laderma Indonesia!

Hope this helps guys!


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