the girl in the woods

Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest, there lived a girl . She lived by herself with the company of magical talking trees, the beasts, elves and fairies in the woods. She was never once complain nor feel lonely, until one day she found a secret path, a way out of her so-called- home for the longest she can remember.
She was lost, then she crawled into one hole she’d never seen before, finding herself stuffed into one tiny little hole frightened her, she thought of giving up and going back to where she was before, but then again, tiny bit part of her was really curious about how the end of the tiny little hole would be like. The tiny rocks and dry twigs inside the hole scratched her body all over, but her curiosity made her feel nothing, she didn’t care and kept on crawling with certainty, she knew that something amazing was there at the end of the tunnel.
Through the darkness and silence she kept on going, and finally she saw one week light afar, she was feeling very happy and finally got to the end of the tunnel. She breathed the fresh cool air with soothing breeze tickling her neck, she looked around smiling, knowing that she had just passed one tough passage. But then, she was disappointed to know that actually she knew that place, it was so familiar, she looked back just realised that the hole had been there forever, it is just located under the easy pathway she usually took to cross the river. She felt so stupid and started crying, her sobbing drew the residents of the woods, most of them come running to her and tried to comfort her with singings, dancings and full on attention.
After awhile, her crying stopped, and one wise elf approached her, patted her on her had and hugged her tight saying,
Dear my little princess, in life, you will never have only the easy and simple paths, sometimes when you are overwhelmed with all surround you, you just can’t see the real uncomplicated path right in front of you, but instead, you find yourself inside a hard and tough way to get through your next destination, but you know what? You passed the hardest way anyway, that means you are brave, filled with certainty and confidence, strong and amazing. Now you can learn to be better from now on, whenever you are walking for a journey and you are lost, take a deep breath and you will find your way. Follow your gut instinct, life is hard when you make it hard, there will always be the right path right in front of you, you can always make it if you want to
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