Third’s the charm

And so, finally on 19th of December 2015, Forever 21 in Indonesia officially opened in Lippo Mall Puri @St. Moritz and it was a blast and fun day for me.


Besides ribbon cutting, Forever21 also presented Ayu Gani as their icon, yes that Asia’s Next Top Model 3 winner! As per usual, she was so sweet and kind. The event was actually buzzed a couple of days before the D-Day, F21 was generous enough to actually give out free tote bags, 100k shopping vouchers and earpieces for the FIRST 300 customers who shop on 19th. The shop opened at 11AM, but people were actually queueing up already outside the lobby entrance when I got there at 10.10AM, so I was quite surprised by their enthusiasm!


IMG_8133IMG_8167  IMG_8139 IMG_8140

Two days before the grand launching, me and Claradevi were actually went for fitting, and guess what? We were confused, in a good way! So many things to choose from as they have quite a big store with so many good collections, but then again since holiday festive is just around the corner, so might as well we pick the items appropriate for the eventful time of the year. Actually the other style blogger is Ayla Dimitri but we had different fitting day so I just happened to meet her only on the day of the event.



And before the shopping frenzy started, finally it was time for the ribbon cutting, and the four people who were actually doing it were:

Ayu Gani

Tony Tudor (Business Head of Forever21)

Jude Tartkoy (General Manager of Forever21 Far East)

Eddy Mumin (Executive Director of Lippo Mall Indonesia)


Let me give you a little tour of the shop! As it is now winter season in the States, you would find a lot of winter clothing! By the way, Forever 21 has over 300 stores worldwide spread in 48 countries, so you better come visit and shop like crazy!

IMG_8146 IMG_8147 IMG_8149 IMG_8153 IMG_8157 IMG_8161 IMG_8162 IMG_8165  IMG_8172


So guys? Why wait!

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