who should i folllow on instagram?

seesh.. i don’t even know where to start..

introducing, Michelle Hendra, a blogger since 2010!


Wow how time has flown! I can’t even imagine what would a 10 younger version of me be right now! but i certainly remember how i felt 10 years ago. starting of as a fashion blogger in 2010, it  was just a hobby, was just a medium to deliver my feelings towards the world. Little did I know, year by year, social media darlings *or as people might say now bloggers (though sometimes they don’t even own a blog) * are strong pillars of digital marketing.


I believed that 10 years ago, the younger version on myself believe in growth, that I would be bigger and better each and every day, recognized globally along with my friends, whom you know who already!


anyways, you guys are not here because of my story *most likely*, but because of the title written above! Yes! Blogging world shifted into Instagram world and Youtube World, and now I’m going to talk about Instagram World and how it can actually affects your daily lives! Just like magazines, instagram is another window into the world, how you know actually what’s going on, what’s trending and what’s popular. right here, i am not telling you who to follow and not to follow, but I let you know that what inspires you matter the most! because believe me, what you like is what you feel, and base on that you can actually choose the ones worth a *follow* button..

no matter who you follow, as long as it gives you and your surroundings good vibe, i think it’s right for you.


i recommend @songofstyle on instagram though! she’s my role model :p


michi signed off!

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